5 Ways You Are Making It Difficult for Yourself to Adopt A Healthy Routine

healthy routine

We often keep setting unrealistic goals for ourselves but miraculously come close to achieving them. That said, the majority of these resolutions concern a healthy lifestyle and can only be fulfilled with exceptional levels of focus and diligence. Be it losing weight or quitting the puff, it all comes down to the mental strength showcased by the individual in his or her quest for a healthier daily routine. However, if we were to integrate healthier habits in our daily lives, we must be able to kill off a few inner demons, alter the existing lifestyle and insert newer goals in our extended list of priorities.

How Hard is Making Life Changes?

Making changes is always difficult, more so when life-altering events are concerned. While willpower is something that needs to be present in abundance, an individual must win over the hindrances, in order to completely embrace a healthy routine. More often than not, individuals start with a plan but falter mid-way, courtesy, a lot of impending factors. In the subsequent sections, we shall talk about five such roadblocks which make it difficult for us to inculcate healthy habits, especially in the long run:

  1. Erroneous Decision Making

Every life-altering habit requires a motivating factor. However, it is important to make prudent decisions and make selective choices. We all have different capabilities, and therefore similar motivations might not push us to a considerable limit. Instead, we must first analyze the existing situations, life goals, and even the reasons for adopting a healthy routine. Once the goals are set, we must install effective regimes for initiating them with perfection.

  1. Questionable Habits

Newer habits are hard to imbibe, especially when the older ones are tied to us like shackles. Therefore, it can be presumed that existing and questionable traits are the primary reasons why individuals find it hard to adopt a healthy lifestyle. That said, for adopting a relatively healthy routine, it is always advisable to start small. One such option would be to first kill off bad habits like binge eating, sleeping late or literally anything that is interfering in nature.

  1. Starting Way Too Big

‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. This holds true even for a healthy lifestyle. Most of us make mistakes by adding way too much on the plate. While enlisting and imbibing good habits is definitely important, we must be careful of not overdoing the same. Behavioral changes aren’t easy to make, and therefore it would be great if individuals can concentrate on one healthy habit at a time, rather than changing the entire lifestyle.

  1. Not Giving Time To Oneself

Based on studies released by the University College London, it takes a minimum of 66 days to etch a habit into one’s mind. Therefore, it can be inferred that following a healthy lifestyle religiously is hard and an individual must invest time for it to seep in and become an integral part of his or her life. One major roadblock towards adopting a healthy lifestyle is not giving enough time to the habits to become realities. Waking up in the morning for only a week or eating less sugar for a few days won’t suffice unless we are ready to grind in and go till the end.

  1. Expecting Perfection

One way to make healthy adoptions difficult is to expect perfection, at every point in time. As mentioned, a habit needs to be initiated first, and one shouldn’t concentrate on perfecting the same, immediately. That means, it is important to start waking up at 5 AM but inconsequential whether you are doing the same with or without an alarm. Things don’t become permanent at once, and it takes gradual efforts to achieve perfection.

As mentioned, these are some of the ill-equipped strategies which would make it extremely hard for any individual to adopt a healthy style of living. However, in the end, it’s all about being consistent with a selective lifestyle in order to allow it to become a part of our personality.

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