8 Things You Need To Get Insured Right Now

8 Things You Need To Get Insured Right Now

If you’re one of those people that doesn’t buy insurance, we want to say something: please rethink your decision and get insured as soon as possible. Why? The answer is twofold: it’s better for you, and it’s better for your loved ones. If you’re not getting yourself properly insured, you put your health and financial wellbeing at risk.

The following are the types of policies you should be considering right now.

Cover medical bills with health insurance

If you’re not covered by health insurance, you are playing your life at stake. It doesn’t matter that much if the treatment will be cheap or expensive; it doesn’t matter that much if you are in perfect health or not. The only thing that matters is the possibility of an accident, illness, or medical emergency. If something goes wrong, things can get very bad for you very quickly.

Provide for your family even if the worst happens with life insurance

The faster you get life insurance, the better. People without life insurance are gambling. They think they’ll live forever and that nothing can happen to them. We all know that’s a bad strategy because odds are against us.

If you or your family depend on your income, then getting some kind of life insurance will guarantee that no matter what happens to your health, your family still gets some money from it.

Provide for you and your family after an accident with disability coverage

Life insurance is already protection for your loved ones against financial hardship if the worst happens to you, but it doesn’t cover long-lasting disability. If you’re not insured against disability, and you suffer an accident that stops you from being able to work anymore, it can leave you and your family without an income. You would also be left with the financial burden of remodeling your home to accommodate any changes needed to make your life easier – such as making your home wheelchair accessible.

Protect your home and its contents with a Homeowner’s insurance policy

Homeowner’s insurance protects your home against fire or other disasters, and if you have a mortgage, your home is usually your largest financial asset. Insurance will cover the cost of rebuilding your home in the event of it becoming damaged or destroyed.

You should also check the level of protection you have covers the cost of replacing furniture, electrical equipment – like computers, camera equipment, or televisions – jewelry, clothing, and other possessions. 

Some policies require you to list expensive items. For example, a family heirloom may be irreplaceable but also have a monetary value of $1,000s. In the event of theft or damage, the insurance company may limit the payout if there wasn’t an agreed value before the loss.

It’s not just homeowners that need insurance – Renters should get renter’s insurance

You should get insured if you rent a home, which is easier than you may expect; broker kbdinsurance.com suggests an online quote is a good starting point. The reason for renter’s insurance is even if the home is be covered by your landlord’s insurance, there are still things that can happen to your stuff while it’s on their property.

For example, the apartment could get robbed or damaged by fire, not just by other tenants living there. Thieves traditionally target homes during certain hours – like late at night when no one is around to stop them – and most importantly, they can’t be traced back unless they’re caught in the act. With renters insurance, you can replace anything that might get stolen or destroyed with an agreed value after it happens.

What you drive is a reflection of you – make sure you protect your car with the correct vehicle insurance

Your car is like your second home. You spend a lot of time in it every week. It’s also an asset that could cost you a lot of money if it’s damaged, stolen, or destroyed by fire. It is also a legal requirement to have car insurance if you want to own and drive a car on public roads.

To avoid the risk of losing money and having to replace your car, you should make sure you get it properly insured at all times.

Vehicle insurance covers loss or damage to your car and its accessories and protects against legal and financial liability for third parties.

Protect you and your family when on vacation – get good travel insurance

Travel insurance will help you with any cancelation or interruption expenses you might have to cover in the event your trip is canceled or cut short because of a covered reason. For example, it could be because of a medical emergency adversely affecting your trip, and you need to be repatriated to receive the correct medical aid; it could be a death in the family or a disruption to your business.

It’s something that you should consider when planning for an expensive holiday – especially when traveling with friends or family or to a less well-trodden destination.

Don’t lose contact with your friends – stay connected with cell phone insurance

Cell phones and computers have made the world smaller – we can access our friends and family almost anywhere we go. They used to be something that you had to access only at home, but that’s no longer true.

You can do nearly everything with a cell phone – from banking, watching TV, shopping online, to paying your bills. Cell phones are electronic gadgets that communicate with each other via their network; they can get damaged, and you must protect them from theft and damage while traveling. You need some kind of insurance plan in place in case the worst happens, and the phone gets lost or stolen while away on a trip or while at work.


Do I really need insurance?

Hopefully, you will now see that insurance offers vital protection. Your opinion of whether you should get insurance or not will depend on your lifestyle and any financial commitments you have to other people.

The bottom line is that you should always weigh up the costs of not having insurance against the potential cost of any loss/damage/risk you might face. Weighing up the benefits and losses could save your family from devastation and yourself from financial ruin.