Jiomart – Retail Online Grocery Shopping By Whatsapp (How it its works)


With the 9.9% share of Reliance, the daughter industry of Facebook, WhatsApp has signed a commercial agreement with Jio.

This marks the onset of its online stint with the name JioMart.

JioMart with its ingression in the digital market will try to connect to a wide number of grocery stores in India. 

Now, together with WhatsApp, it has started exhibiting the features to the WhatsApp users.

With the brief stint in the major suburbs like Kalyan, Thane, and Mumbai, the company will start its business in other parts of the country. In order to kickstart the process, the consumers will start with the business number of WhatsApp assigned to Jiomart

Best Easy Way :- How to order from reliance jiomart on whatsApp.

When you write Hi on WhatsApp, the company will pass an activation link to the WhatsApp account of the designated customer.

It is advised to access the link within 30 minutes to initiate the order after which it will expire. After 30 minutes, the user needs to send again a “Hi”.

jiomart on whatsApp
How to order from reliance jiomart on whatsApp

When the user clicks on the link, they will be redirected to the Reliance Jiomart page.


Upon entering the page the user will have to provide important information like area, locality, mobile number, full address, etc Next, it will take the user to the catalog page.

When you finish choosing your products, Jio Mart will connect and will pass the information to the local Kirana stores with the help of Jiomart WhatsApp user number.

Jiomart whatsapp number :- 8850008000

When the products are ready and the invoice is sent, the consumer will get a notification.

It will contain all the details of the store.

Since the feature is available in the initial stage, the customer will rush to the local store shown in the alert and collect the orders.

The mode of payment is now available only in cash.

Jiomart grocery shopping on WhatsApp

Jiomart came into existence following the collaboration between Reliance Retail and Reliance Jio Platform.

Now, it is providing safety and hygiene to all the 385 million users.

It brings round the clock service, fair prices of the product, daily service, etc.

This shows how Reliance Jio is using Whatsapp. It works under Facebook to connect with Facebook’s own user base.

In the past week, Facebook already bought 9.9% of the share. It takes place with an investment of $5.7 billion from Reliance Retail.

This is a subsidized branch of Reliance Industries, one of the most important firms in India.

The Facebook VP of India, Ajit Mohan told the reporter the two companies will expand their collaboration in various regions of India. 

These collaborations will help the consumers to connect with the local Reliance Mart stores. They will connect with the operators and will place an order using Facebook’s instant messaging platform.

You have the option to look at various stores and connect with the shop owners. He further added that there might be a possibility that users should not use Whatsapp. This is because the payment system is under the testing phase. 

Whatsapp doesn’t get the legal authority to begin working on the Payroll from New Delhi. Through Whatsapp, there is a huge enhancement in pay in different sectors.

As per the Facebook officials, the number of subscribers is almost the same as that of the previous year.

How the grocery store of reliance jiomart works?

After such a collaboration, Reliance’s own grocery venture began with Jiomart online order with the help of Whatsapp.

This has been Facebook’s nascent messaging platform. In this marketplace, users can choose their products online from the catalog. Presently they are providing only the essential items since the Government restricts eCommerce deliverables.  

After placing the order, they share the details with the grocery store using the WhatsApp platform. During this time, the customer will get notifications with the order number and store details on WhatsApp.

The consumer will receive an SMS when the order gets ready for delivery. Users have options. They can opt for home delivery or collect it from the store.

Latest Reports

As per the latest findings, the majority of the groceries shut down the counter purchases. This takes place in various places of Navi Mumbai as well as Thane. From these places, users will get home delivery. 

With the launch in January, Jiomart seems to expand its wings providing almost 50,000 products. On a current basis, this jio mart platform is working rapidly on almost 40 commodities such as rice, flour, sugar, etc.

Presently it has around 18 stores in Thane and Kalyan alongwith Navi Mumbai suburbs. Retail stores are doing well with the majority of the groceries in those areas. 

Dominance of Reliance jiomart in grocery

With its initials in Mumbai, this Jiomart store will continue to grow in other parts of the country. Already, the retail stores are working to provide a steady delivery of essentials.

The major motive is to hit the large 400 million user base of WhatsApp for expanding the business. Jio will face stiff competition from the retail giants like Grofers and BigBasket.

The eCommerce business like Flipkart will also start a competition with JioMart.

The competition will get tougher since B2B platforms such as Ninjacart are directly providing essentials to the customers.

However, with the expanding support of Facebook alongwith WhatsApp, JioMart will rise above all and emerge as the leading name amidst the stiff competition.

Reliance-Facebook collaboration targeting the whatsApp users

This new ecommerce JioMart will always be under the supervision of Reliance Retail alongwith Jio platforms. The collaboration will utilize the messenger platform to enhance the new eCommerce transactions between various consumers and groceries.

Its main aim is to target the huge 400 million Whatsapp customer base. This deal will surely help in accelerating the Digital India campaign. During this tense situation of COVID 19 lockdown, it will function with a two-fold move.

It will help in reviving the economy alongside driving the digital transformation as well. Both the motives will permit the large neighborhood to transact digitally.