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RBI to issue New One Rupee Note Soon

RBI to issue New One Rupee Note Soon

One rupee note to be Reprinted again after 22 years. The last one rupee note was printed in the year 1994. After

After that, the coins was issued and it kept running.

Things to know about new one rupee note:

1) The previous color was of an indigo color and the new note will be of green pink color.

2)On New Note “Bharat Sarkar” will be printed on the top of note with “Government of India” written under it.

3)According to RBI, One Rupee will include Ashoka Pillar and Hidden word “Bharat” in Hindi.

4)The note will also have the imitation of coin and image of ‘Sagar Samrat oil exploration rig.

5)Printing of new note was started in the year 2015 but it was never released as many questions were raised whether the Central Bank can issue a note or not. By the law ministry, the central bank can issue the new notes.

6)Finance Secretary, Rajiv Mehrishi will sign the new one rupee note. All the Denominations have the signature of RBI governor.

7)New One rupee note will be the third new currency by the government since demonetization in November 2016.

8)The size of the new note will be 9.7*6.3 cm(Rectangular).

As per the RBI, “The color of one rupee currency note shall be mostly in pink-green on obverse and reverse in combination with others,”

what else you expect from the one rupee note, give your opinion in a comment.




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