Top Fun Ideas For Family Reunions

Top Fun Ideas For Family Reunions

Family reunions are indeed very special. Our cousins are one of our best friends who not only know us inside out but, also all the family secrets which often our other friends don’t know much about. So, why not celebrate the next family reunion in style so that it becomes an unforgettable experience.

Here are the top fun-filled ideas for the family reunions:

The Family History Timeline

What can be a good time to discuss the history of the family than a family reunion. Find out the oldest member of the family present in reunion, and start with his/her birthday. Take a beautiful colored paper, and spread it on the table. Mark the year of the birthday of the oldest member on the top, and let this family history end of the current year. Discuss all the memorable events, births, weddings and other functions which happened through all the years in between.

Name That Relative

One of the best games to play on family reunions is “Name That Relative”. Encourage all the guests to write some hints about the other relatives on paper, and then put all those papers in a big box. Pull them out one by one, read the hint aloud, and let the others guess who that relative is.

Play Bingo

Bingo is a fun-filled classic game which everyone loves to play, no matter, which generation they hail from. So, why not play Bingo on your family reunion. Play a few games to get the party started, and don’t forget to put some silly and fun prizes for the winner.

A Minute To Win It

Plan some minute games in advance, so that when the reunion begins, you can have the relatives compete against each other in the funny and lovable minute games. This will definitely give you some serious laughs and the memories for a lifetime. Getting a little silly and embarrassing in front of the entire family is one of the best ways to make unforgettable memories for a family reunion.

Eating Contests

Though, eating contests are always good, but, when you are with your family they become complete fun. You can put anything in the content to eat, and make the pairs of challenges.

Card Games

Playing cards

Card games like the bluff or something else that can be played by a lot of players together are amazing for the family reunions. When so many people play together, they become a perfect event for creating memories for the lifetime. Moreover, the games like bluff have many moments of fun because you try to put your real cards under any fake category, and when you get caught, some punishments can also be planned. If you plan in advance, these games can be modified in many ways.

Interview Grandparents About The Parents

Often parents are the ones who keep on giving their kids the right advice and even punishments when kids don’t behave the way they are expected, but, how can we forget that our parents were also kids a few years back. You can ask your grandparents to reveal some funny and embarrassing moments of your parents and can have great fun during this family conversation.

These are some innovative and great ideas to enjoy the family reunions in a completely new way. Apart from these, you can also plan a family photo shoot to create memories which can be cherished throughout the life.