How To Do Microbraids: Step By Step Instructions

How To Do Microbraids

How To Do Microbraids: Step By Step Instructions

Micro braids, one of the unique hairstyles, is quite popular among the African women. Most of the African women can be seen sporting this hairstyle and it is also becoming quite popular these days. Many girls and women can these days be seen with micro braids, and one of the particular reasons to get a micro braid hairstyle is that it can last for long. Once done, it can stay intact for a few days.

The micro braid hairstyle looks very intimidating because it seems very intricate, but, once you become aware of the right technique, it seems very easy to do. Moreover, it’s an iterative type of hairstyle. The way you make one micro braid, the same technique applies to the other micro braids. But, yes, it indeed is time-consuming.

What Are Micro Braids?

The micro braids are very tiny and delicate braids which are very tightly woven into the hair, and usually, last for a couple of months. If not months, they certainly stay intact for many days.

The micro braids are among the rare low-maintenance hairstyles, but, getting one is not easy. It takes several hours for micro braiding to be done, and even longer to remove. Moreover, the tiny braids can sometimes cause hair damage, especially in the women with dry brittle hair.

How to Do Micro Braids?

Here is the step by step instructions for doing micro braiding:

  1. Section your hair with a comb while leaving 1/4th of the hair down at your neck’s nape. Secure the rest 3/4th of hair with a clip.
  2. Out of the lose hair, take a tiny section of the hair, about 1/8th of an inch in thickness and start braiding the hair. Separate this tiny section of hair into three sections, and cross the strands left over the right one and the right one over the center. Pull the braids quite tightly, but, not too tight that it hurts the scalp.
  3. Continue braiding the hair to the way down and secure the braid with the help of a braid sealer or tie it off with a slip knot. Now repeat till all the hair on the neck’s nape is braided.
  4. Now, of all the loose hair, section off a new strand of hair, and braid it in a similar manner. Gradually, braid all the hair, and ensure that the width of each braid is nearly the same.

Finding A Professional hair Stylist For Micro braiding

The micro braids are not easy to do on your own, and thus, if you want micro braids for your hair, you must look for a professional hair stylist who specializes in the micro braiding. Depending on the type of hair you have, you should look for a stylist. For instance, if you have African black hair, you should seek a stylist who specializes in the black hair. Also, if you have curly hair, you must notify it to the stylist before going for micro braiding.

Also, before making the appointment for micro braiding, ensure that you schedule a consultation session with the stylist so that he/she can assess your hair and ensure that they are in the proper condition for the micro braiding. The stylist will also inform you about how long would it take for completing the micro braiding on your hair so that you can prepare accordingly before going for the styling.

How To Prepare Your Hair For Micro Braiding?

Before you get your braids done, it’s vital that your hair is as healthy as possible so that they suffer the least damage due to styling. Here are some imperative ways to prepare your hair for micro braiding.

  • Either get a hair spa or perform a hot oil treatment on your hair with a deep massage to make your hair and scalp fully moisturized.
  • Ensure that you deep condition your hair properly and if possible, several times before the micro braiding.
  • If your hair is uneven and has split ends, it is always advisable to get a haircut, which can give you uniform hair without any split ends.