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Animedao is a massive world website where users can watch anime movies & series online for free. Here are the 10 best animedao alternatives of 2021. Hello readers, are you an Animation fan? If your answer is yes and you’re searching for the best Anime streaming website where you can stream your favorite animated movies without any hassle then you should read this article till the end.

Today, we will talk about Animedao which is one of the most popular anime streaming websites in the world. There are many websites available on the internet which provide anime movies and shows for free at the same time.

It is a really confusing task to select a perfect online anime streaming website on the Internet. But now you should not worry because today we have written this article on one of the best anime sites which is known as Animedao. You can use the Anime Dao platform on your device for free. Read more to learn more about AnimeDao.

What is animedao?

AnimeDao is an online anime streaming website. Using the AnimeDao website, you can watch your favorite anime shows from anywhere in the world.

The best thing about this streaming website is that they provide all anime content for free so that you do not have to pay a single amount for these anime shows. AnimeDao offers easy access to the latest and free content of anime regularly to create a great community of online anime fans.

You just need a good internet connection and a good device where you will stream your favorite anime shows. Animedao is a huge gathering for its users. Anime Dao is very easy to navigate. Also, it has a reasonable clean interface.

According to some websites, AnimeDao is one of the top best anime streaming websites on the internet. And the reason behind this is it works lag-free and offers extraordinary streaming capabilities. You should know that you can change the quality of streaming anytime depending on your internet speed.

Why should you watch a movie on animedao?

There are a lot of reasons to watch anime videos on AnimeDao. AnimeDao streaming platform is one of the top-rated anime streaming websites and you can trust this website. This website is completely safe to use on any device. And we want to tell you that the Anime Dao website is popular for its amazing and unique collection of anime shows.

They also provide dubbed anime shows and movies on their website. The menus are simple and browsing around the website is only a treat. And another best part of AnimeDao is that it has no advertising banner. You will be able to watch your anime shows without seeing annoying advertisements.

Also, you can happily navigate this website without any worries because this website has no viruses. All anime shows are available to stream for free on this Anime Dao website.

All you have to do is connect your device with a good internet connection and then open this Anime Dao streaming platform on that device. Next, select your favorite anime show and watch it for free. In the Animedao streaming platform, you can watch anime shows in two different themes one is a light theme and the other is a dark theme. 

Best features of animedao

Anime Dao has many interesting features that you will surely like on this website. Below, we are going to share some of the most favorite features of Anime Dao. These features make Animedao one of the best anime sites. You can experience all these features by visiting this website yourself.

  • In AnimeDao, you can watch High-resolution anime videos.
  • All the latest anime shows and videos available here.
  • Anime shows are categorized in a list.
  • Also, It will provide notification of upcoming anime.
  • You can Bookmark the videos.
  • An additional feature of light and dark themes. 
  • Animedao is very easy to use and it has a reasonable clean interface.
  • You can bookmark the videos.
  • Browse animation in alphabetical order.
  • The platform offers dark and light themes.

10 Best sites like animedao alternatives in 2021

Anime streaming websites have a huge collection of various anime movies, TV shows, and cartoons. In addition to AnimeDao, there are many anime streaming websites available on the Internet. Below, we have shared some of the best Streaming website’s details. Check them below.

1. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is one of the top-rated online streaming platforms that provide the latest anime shows and movies to its users. The AnimeLab platform is created by anime fans for all users who like watching anime shows on their devices for free. Every show in the AnimeLab is available to watch for free. And they add new shows to their platforms every week. It is totally legal so you should try this streaming platform once on your device.


2. Chia-Anime

This is another best online anime streaming website popularly known as Chia-Anime. You’ll get here an amazing collection of high-quality anime shows. The quality of its anime videos will definitely amaze you. It offers more than 1000 anime for online streaming. You can watch new anime shows and movies with ease in this Chia-anime. It offers a genre list for adventure, comedy, magic, space, etc. Try this streaming website too, you will like its interface very much.



3. Tubi is a good anime streaming site. On this site, you’ll get most Japanese movie collections. And you can use this streaming site only on Android and iOS devices. You can watch the animation movies from classic blockbusters to new shows. Finding movies and shows in the is really very easy. 


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4. Anime Planet

We want to include the Anime-Planet in one of the best alternatives of the Animedao list. The Anime-Planet is really an interesting website where you can stream more than 40,000 anime videos for free. Also, it is the most trusted recommendation database in the world. This website was launched in 2001 and now this website has millions of users around the world. You should try this anime streaming site, it is quite fast and straightforward.

anime planet
anime planet

5. Anilinkz

Anilinkz is another streaming platform just like AnimeDao. Using this Anilinkz site, you can watch full episodes of any anime shows and series. You can easily use this website on your website and the interesting fact is that it does not require any registration. If you like watching anime shows and movies then this is the best place for you. You can visit this website and try it once.


6. Gogoanime is the top leading anime streaming platform in the world which has a huge database. This platform is totally free to use and you can enjoy unlimited anime shows and movies on this site without any irritating ads. Currently, over one million users are using this site to watch the latest anime series with fast streaming on their devices.


7. Kissanime

Kissanime is an anime streaming site where users visit to watch their favorite anime movies and shows online. On this site, users have an advanced filter to search their favorite videos by name, status, and genres. This feature makes it different from other streaming sites. This streaming site has millions of users around the world. Users can watch their shows and videos in every possible quality from 240p to 1080p. Try this once, you’ll surely love it. Also Read:- Seven reasons why people like kissanime


8. 9Anime

This is another streaming site on the list which is known as 9anime. And this online anime streaming site allows you to watch the animation. It provides various categories to its users, including drama, action, game, comedy, and more. Also, you can watch good movies, TV series, and original video animation on this site. The best thing is that you can request your favorite anime you would like to watch.


9. AnimeHeaven

AnimeHeaven is really one of the best alternatives to the AnimeDao site on the list. Using the AnimeHeaven site, you can watch your favorite anime shows along with English dubbed movies at no cost. Also, you can download those shows and movies. This is the main reason why people recommend this streaming site to everyone. After trying this site, you’ll also love this feature.


10. Animefreak

AnimeFreak is one of the best and last alternatives to AnimeDao on the list. This streaming site offers almost the same services with some new and interesting features that are different from others. The interface of AnimeFreak is very attractive. Also, AnimeFreak currently has more than one million users worldwide. You can browse animation series by genre on this site.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is AnimeDao safe?

A: Yes, AnimeDao is safe to use. And AnimeDao site is considered the best site for all anime fans around the world. AnimeDao is totally legal and free to watch the best anime shows and movies. You can use this site for watching the latest anime shows and movies without any worry.

Q: Is AnimeDao shut down?

A: No, AnimeDao is not shut down. But if AnimeDao shut down then you can use other Anime streaming sites to watch your favorite anime shows and movies. We already shared the top 10 alternatives of AnimeDao in this article above.

Q: AnimeDao site is legit?   

A: AnimeDao streaming site has more than thousands of users who love to watch their favorite anime shows on this site. After looking at its simple interface and clean layout, you can tell that the AnimeDao site is a legit site.

Q: How popular is AnimeDao?

A: AnimeDao is an online anime streaming site that offers a huge collection of anime movies and shows to its users. Also, it has a lot of interesting and useful features that users love to use. Because of these things, this streaming site became very popular all over the world. Recently, AnimeDao became the top best anime streaming site.

Q: Can I download movies for free from AnimeDao 2021?

A: No, you can not download movies from AnimeDao for free. Actually, AnimeDao site owners have not added this downloading feature on their site yet. So you can wait until they update their site with this feature or you can use another streaming site to download your favorite anime movies.